Having issues with your PC, Laptop, Printer and or Tablet?
Does your machine need a good clean out?
Are you in the market for an upgrade?

I can help!
And Best of all I can come to you...

Now you can even sort out a visit from the comfit of your person device without the need to ring. Please pick a date and time:

And now I can even visit your PC over the internet with the help of TeamViewers Quick Support Software.
So now if you don't have any spare time for a techy to come out and check what's happening I can remote in and check out whats going on, to help sort out your problem and can organize a time to visit if further work is required.
All you have to do is fill out this form & download the application. I can virtually be at your side, just as if I was sitting at your PC.
Its also possible for you to see & interact with me. Please be aware that you will need a mic to speak back to me but there is a chat window available.

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